Invisible Children Highlighted on So You Think You Can Dance

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If you watch So You Think You Can Dance (we do!), you know there is no shortage of passion onstage. Last week, choreographer Christopher Scott decided to blend his passion for dance with his passion as an activist by creating a hip hop routine telling the story of child soldiers in Uganda.

Donning Invisible Children shirts (in support of the official movement seeking to end the conflict in Uganda and the abduction of children for use as child soldiers), Caitlynn and Mitchell and put their everything into conveying the horror of children being kidnapped and forced to fight in a bloody, civil war. And while Nigel and the rest of the judges found some fault with their synchronicity in the dance movements themselves, we could only be inspired that choreographer Christopher Scott used the stage of a reality show to bring awareness of a serious issue to millions of viewers.

You can watch the routine, which was set to the powerful song Break the Chain by Lupe Fiasco featuring Eric Turner and Sway, right here:

To find out more about the issue of child soldiers, Invisible Children, and how you can support a movement for change, visit Invisible Children’s website.


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