Interview with Ella Viscardi, teen blogger and founder of Ella Et Cetera

Ella Viscardi
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Armed with a computer, a dream, and a seriously enviable closet, Ella Viscardi has been able to turn her passion for fashion into a popular blog, ella et cetera. Find out how this Marc Jacobs fanatic translated her personal sense of style into a stylish online presence:

Tell us a bit about your blog, ella et cetera. When did you start blogging and what inspired you?

Ella: I started “ella et cetera” during the summer before high school to give myself a creative outlet. Other than an occasional art class, I didn’t have any extracurricular activities outside of school, so I decided to create my own! I’d spent loads of time reading fashion-related blogs like Cupcakes and Cashmere and Sea of Shoes. They inspired me to produce a website of my own.

When I began blogging, I wrote about everything I was interested in at the time, from music to television shows to baking. Over time, my main interest has grown to be fashion, so my site has evolved into being predominantly fashion-related.

How did you go about gaining an audience for your blog?

Ella: After creating my blog, I didn’t share it with too many people, but slowly started to tell friends and family about it. Most of my audience now finds me through my posts on Teen Vogue’s Fashion Click, which has been a great platform to gain readers. Through the statistics on Blogger, I see that I get a decent amount of page views. I’d love to keep growing my following in the future, but for now, I focus on producing great content that satisfies me.

How did you catch Teen Vogue’s attention and how has the partnership benefited you?

Ella: My relationship with Teen Vogue began in 2010. I was obsessed with their magazine and website for years, and I wanted to get involved with them. So I applied to be a blogger on the Fashion Click. When I was accepted, I was the happiest girl in the world, and since then every outfit post that I’ve published on my blog is featured on the Fashion Click.

In December of 2011, Naomi Nevitt, Teen Vogue’s lovely online editor, sent me an email asking if I wanted to be featured on the website in part of a bedroom tour series. I (of course) accepted, and she came to my house along with a photographer in February of 2012 for a photo shoot. A couple of months later the article was posted on the website and it was a total dream come true!

Other than being insanely exciting, these features have benefited my blog tremendously. A lot of my readers find my site through Teen Vogue, and it fills me with joy that I caught their attention!

Staying up-to-date on trends is a big part of being a style blogger. How do you stay current on fashion?

Ella: Even before being a blogger, I always read fashion magazines and websites to stay current. I love learning about new trends each season, but don’t feel the need to buy clothing to fit into a current style. Usually trends that I admire are ones that I can incorporate into my outfits year-round. I try to invest in clothing that’s timeless but also stylish.

Any cool encounters with your readers?

Ella: I’ve never met a reader before that I didn’t already know, but it would be incredible to be approached someday! One thing that I find fascinating about my readers is that they live all over the world from the United Kingdom to Indonesia to Australia. Some sweet fans have emailed me telling me how much they admire my blog, which truly means a lot.

What are your career goals? Have they changed since you started blogging?

Ella: It’s my dream to work in the fashion industry. I’ve loved fashion since I was a little girl and always had the idea in my head that I wanted to be a fashion designer. In ninth grade, I started sewing and knitting and, since then, have crafted a lot of my own clothing! This past summer, I had the opportunity to dive into the craft of fashion design by attending the pre-college program at Rhode Island School of Design. It was a wonderful, art-filled summer, but surprisingly, the experience made me realize that I don’t want to pursue a career in fashion design. I gained an immense appreciation for the construction and detail of clothing, but I realized that I’d rather be doing work about the clothing rather than making it myself.

During my three years of blogging, I’ve learned that there are a huge variety of jobs in the fashion industry that are just as inspiring to me as actually designing clothes. I’d like to pursue a career that allows me to use my creative senses (which is one reason I love to have my own blog), like an editor or creative director of a magazine.

Any advice for aspiring fashionistas or writers?

Ella: Fashion-wise, do whatever makes you happy. Wear clothing that makes you feel comfortable, confident, and lets you express yourself. If you’re considering starting a blog of your own, stick to posting what you’re passionate about and create a site that’s unique to your interests. One thing I’ve learned throughout my time blogging is to maintain a good balance between quality and quantity. Make sure you post on a regular basis, but keep in mind that you should put great effort into everything you do!

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