Intergalactic Awesomeness + Girls on the Move

Intergalactic Awesomeness
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For today’s scoop, our trusty blogger Amanda Kennedy is sitting in as resident scoopstress! Check it out:

Something to “Rove” About: Ever wanted to build something awesome? Look to the Beatty sisters for inspiration. 13-year-old Camille and 11-year-old Genevieve collaborated on constructing a model of the Mars rover Spirit. I admire their drive to rise to the challenge and construct something truly awesome. Learn more about the Beatty sisters’ building process and read their story on HuffPost Teen. NASA, take note! [HuffPo]

On the Move: Today is International Youth Day, a UN-declared special occasion that draws upon the power of youth to move forward and impact issues facing youth. This year’s theme is “Youth and Migration.” A recent report from the Population Council, “Girls on the Move: Adolescent Girls & Migration in the Developing World,” found that rural to urban migration can provide educational and economic opportunities for girls if safety nets are in place. I know you Like a Boss girls are all about making a difference and hope you will enjoy soaking in the report and learning more about your global girl counterparts on the move. []

Entrepreneurial Spirit, Full Steam Ahead: I love train rides. (You can find me on Amtrak at least once a month.) But I never realized that a train ride could have the power to channel social good—until now. The Millennial Trains Project is the “first-ever transcontinental train journey for enterprising millennials” that takes them from San Francisco to Washington, D.C. in 10 days. I recently heard the phrase “thinking around the corner,” and that couldn’t be more true for the Millennials on this trip. Imagine all of the brainstorming, networking and fundraising occurring in new cities and on a moving train! How cool is that? [Millennial Train Tumblr]

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