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saranne rothberg
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saranne rothberg comedy curesInspiration can come from the most difficult of circumstances. For extraordinaire Saranne Rothberg, it hit while sitting in a chair at the hospital where she was receiving chemotherapy for her recently diagnosed early stage IV cancer. That’s when Saranne began thinking about the power of comedy and laughter to heal the mind, body, and spirit. Soon after, ComedyCures was born.

Today, the ComedyCures Foundation brings joy, laughter, and therapeutic humor programs to kids and grown-ups living with illness, depression, trauma, and disabilities. By entertaining and educating patients, families, and caregivers through humor, Saranne, who is now cancer-free, has proven that laughter is the best medicine.

In the eleven years since ComedyCures was first founded, Saranne has shared her motivational and laughter-filled performances with 600,000 people at more than 600 live events. Her latest and greatest? Saranne has launched a college program inspired by her work and set up a telephone “LaughLine” (1-888-HA-HA-HA-HA) that reaches up to 4,000 people each month. Oh, and did we forget to mention that Oprah featured Saranne as her “hero” in her book, Live Your Best Life?

Do you have a friend in need? You don’t need to be a comedienne to witness the magic of laughter in action. Just try following one of Saranne’s recommendations to help your friend reach his or her recommended 100 laughs-per-day:

  • Create a personalized wellness jokebook for them to keep by their bedside
  • Become a “humor buddy” and make an appointment to laugh with them everyday (either over the phone or, better yet, in person)
  • Watch funny movies together or read funny books
  • Make a donation in their honor – you’ll both feel better knowing you’re spreading the joy!

Click here to find out more and support Saranne’s work through ComedyCures!

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