Human Rights Day is December 10: Here’s How to Impact Social Change

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Recent events in the news have caused some major discussion on how certain people are treated differently in society. But no matter where you side on the issues, one undeniable truth remains: we all should have the same human rights. There isn’t a better time to celebrate these rights than right now, as December 10th is Human Rights Day.

Here are just a few ways you can celebrate the day and make a difference:

Know your rights: You can read the Universal Declaration of Human Rights here and know your rights. Understanding the rights given to you makes a more powerful impact when you join in the fight for equality.

Speak up: Use your voice! Take to social media to show your support for Human Rights Day and allow yourself to be heard. This year, UN Human Rights is celebrating with a “Human Rights 365” theme. They’re calling out for you to take to social media and tell everyone why human rights matter to you every day of the year. On their site, you can link up your Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr to post messages to all your followers to show your support.

Vine: This year Human Rights Day is doing something cool with the Vine app. If you have a Vine, you can make a 6 second video of yourself stating why human rights matter 365 days of the year. Tag the video with #rights365, and on December 10th, they will release a “Best Of” video with all of their favorite responses.

Support your favorite cause: Human Rights Day is a great day to remind yourself to support your favorite cause. Whether it be an LGBQT cause, women’s rights, or an international human rights cause you care for; use the day to make a difference. Donate to that cause and take the opportunity to shine a light on the issues. Use this international day as a reminder that things can be done all year round.

Get together with friends: Arrange a get together with your friends and make it a party. Take this opportunity to discuss the issues we have in our society regarding Human Rights, and then find ways to combat those issues. Whether it be a women’s empowerment group or an LGBQT alliance group, find fun ways to join together. We are all humans and we all need to support each other. Use this holiday to show love and make a difference.

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