How Your Tech Skills Can Beat Bullying

Tech Skills
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The folks at online information and support community are offering an awesome competition for techie teens:

Programmers between the ages of 13 and 17 can win big money — and do a lot of good — by creating a Facebook application that helps young people speak up against cyberbullying. First prize is $2,000 plus five hours of virtual programming mentorship with an adult programmer!

“We believe that teens will be most responsive to solutions created by their peers, and that the Facebook apps submitted will hopefully inspire youth to speak up and take action against cyberbullying when they see it,”  Anastasia Goodstein, Director of Digital Programs at the Inspire USA Foundation, the nonprofit organization behind told Social Media Today. “We feel that since most U.S. teens are on Facebook, it’s the natural platform to have them build these apps on and share them with their friends.”

You have a little time to work on your project: The final deadline for entries isn’t until May 25. Get the full details about how to enter and what other prizes are available, and then get inspired by learning more about cyberbullying from these Like a Boss articles:

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