How Stressed Are You About Heading Back to School?

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frustrated at collegeDoes school = stress? Ypulse Youth Advisor Julia Tannenbaum thinks so. The soon-to-be high school junior recently wrote about the stress she and her friends are facing in her essay entitled “Back-To-School Stress: Students are Under Intense Academic Pressure,” which was published on Ypulse this week.

In her piece, Julia writes:

At the end of last year, one of my friends wrote in my yearbook, ‘Enjoy your free time while you still have it!’ That’s the common sentiment among many high-achieving students I know. Junior year is extremely stressful due to the difficulty of balancing many extracurricular activities with a rigorous course load. Many students in my social group will do almost anything to get into a top school. And getting into one of these schools only gets harder every year, though there are theories that many colleges are actually becoming less selective. Colleges may be taking on more students, but more students are applying to top schools. For example, in 1980 Harvard accepted 16% of its applicants, but the acceptance rate for 2010 was only 7%.

Julia draws attention to the very real stresses faced by most high schoolers, things like: social pressure to get into a high-profile college, pressure from parents to do the same, pressure to beef up applications by participating in lots of extracurriculars, all compounded by the increasingly heavy workload for classes.

At Like a Boss, we know that life can be stressful, and our goal is to give you lots of tips to help you manage your busy lives without losing your mind. Check out our 4 Tips for Juggling it All, and keep coming back for more ideas to keep the stress at bay.

How about you? Are you feeling stressed about the new school year? What are you most stressed about and why?




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