How Do You Know You’re In Love?

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Mary Chen

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So, let’s say you have this feeling about a particular someone, a feeling that at least partially involves wanting to kiss them. A lot. And them wanting to kiss you. A lot. How do you know when it’s actually Love and not just Like or Crush or Mutual Attraction?

Good question! And guess what: there is no worldwide agreement on what the precise definition of “in love” is. So here’s our best stab at 10 hints that the L word is actually happening to you.

  1. Your feelings wouldn’t change… even if they got a really bad haircut.
  2. You’d give them your last french fry. And then they’d insist on sharing it with you.
  3. When you look at them, your brain starts flooding with dopamine and norepinephrine and your caudate nucleus goes boom. Obvi.
  4. You get worried when they don’t wear their seatbelt or are about to trip on a huge hole in the sidewalk.
  5. When something awesome happens to you, you can’t wait to tell them.
  6. When something horrible happens to you, you can’t wait to tell them.
  7. You find yourself smiling a dopey little smile to yourself in the middle of chem lab, just because they exist.
  8. Even when you disagree with them, you respect their right to their opinion – and they respect yours.
  9. You feel comfortable telling them you don’t want to do something that they really want to do, and you’re ok with it when they do the same. And neither of you gives the other a hard time about it.
  10. You even felt comfortable introducing them to your uncle who just LOVES to embarrass you, and he of COURSE told that story about the time you threw up on that roller coaster. And even though you blushed, you could tell they were both laughing with you and not at you… and you felt good instead of bad.

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