Holly Jolly Holiday Makeup Looks

Holiday Makeup Looks
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holiday-glitter-eyes‘Tis the season for giving, singing, eating (ahem, sugar cookies) and—last but not least—for celebrating. This festive season only happens once a year, so why not use the excuse to jazz up your beauty routine with some holiday-inspired makeup? (After all, we could all use a little glitter and glow.) But if you rarely veer from your daily mascara and lip gloss regimen, it may be helpful to watch an expert before you try your own “smoky eye.” So we’ve rounded up some of our favorite makeup tutorials for you, courtesy of YouTube. Enjoy, and knock em’ dead at that holiday bash!

Gold Eyes, Red Lips
So, apparently gold eyes and red lips are the way to go around the holidays. Search for it on YouTube, and you won’t lack for options. And we can’t argue! It looks fun, glamorous and oh-so-festive. Plus, the red lips give the whole look a vintage-inspired vibe. This was one of our favorite tutorials if you want to get that gold shimmery look.

You can be your very own “vision of sugarplums” just by following this tutorial for some fun plum-colored eyes and lips. This video from “Julie G” goes plum on the eyes; plus, we like how she reviews some budget-friendly makeup products.

Red and Green
Make-up expert (and tutorial queen) Elle Fowler gets literal with her holiday makeup in red and green. Skeptical? Us too, until we saw the results. While we find Elle’s slightly rambling intros fairly amusing, skip to 1:56 if you want to dive right into the tutorial. 

Smoky Eyes
If you want to look a little more mysterious and moody at your holiday gathering, go for this smoky-eyed look. (Because nothing says “Merry Christmas” like moody and mysterious, right?) Anyway, actually smoky eyes have become classic in their own right—a staple on runways and a fun way to amp up those beautiful eyes of yours. We like this one, especially paired with the nude lip (a popular look with celebs).

Want to go a bit more classic? Click here and hereRed lips, plum eyes and green shadow may not be for everyone. If you’re the kind of gal who likes to go more classic with the makeup, these two are for you. Both are festive without going over-the-top.

Want more inspiration from teen make-up mavens and fashionistas?
We love how young teens are taking the whole fashion/beauty blogging (and “vlogging!”) world by storm. Check out these fashion-forward teens. (Note: There must be something in the water over in Europe—and especially England—most are from our friends across the pond.)



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