High School Seniors: Here’s A Chance to See the World

Volunteer Vacations
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High school seniors graduating this year have an amazing opportunity: Take a gap year to gain unforgettable experiences, insight into another culture —  and leadership skills that will last a lifetime. It’s all possible through Global Citizen Year.

According to the fellowship website: “Each year, we recruit and train a diverse corps of high-potential graduating seniors and support them through a bridge year of service learning and leadership training in Africa, Latin America and Asia. Through a world-class training and individual apprenticeships, our Fellows develop the skills and perspectives they need to succeed in college, careers, and a global economy.”

This year isn’t cheap: The tuition for the 2012-2013 program cycle is $28,500. But Global Citizen Year does offer financial aid to help cover costs. Also, remember what you are getting in return. Traveling can teach you so much, such as confidence and flexibility. And you’ll be gaining valuable job skills and business connections. To apply for a fellowship — and learn more about the program — click here.

Like the idea, but need a different program? Check out Like a Boss’s other ideas for volunteer vacations, which match individuals or families with specific opportunities where they can make a difference while getting to experience the culture and flavor of a country or region. By spending a week or more in Africa or Asia or South America doing things like building schools, working at an orphanage, supporting  HIV education, or providing elder care, you’ll not only get great experience, but you’ll get some serious and life-changing perspective by opening up the window to your world.

Have you taken a volunteer vacation? Share your experience with other girls! What did you learn from your travels?

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