Hey Ellen, Help Out Sarasota Teens with a Dream!

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Psst! Hey Ellen DeGeneres, read this guest post from Allison Davis of Sarasota Teens with a Dream:

Our name pretty much says it all.  Sarasota Teens With a Dream came together with the vision of ending cancer once and for all.  Our members range from ages 12 through 17, but the passion and determination is the same, regardless of age.  Over the past four years, Sarasota Teens With a Dream has raised over $15,000 for the American Cancer Society through participating in Relay For Life, which is an all-night walk fundraiser to signify that cancer never sleeps. This past relay, we raised $6,500 and we hope to continue the trend. We relay at Sarasota High School usually in late March to late April; we each have our personal reasons to Relay, which motivate us to put a stop to this disease.

Every year before Relay, we have a huge fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. This year, we have set our stakes high—we have invited Ellen DeGeneres to come to Sarasota for a Purple Tie Gala (purple is the signature color for the American Cancer Society). Since Ellen has a very high profile, it is very difficult to get in contact with her directly. Though we have sent letters via email and Facebook, we have also decided to make her a video! Our hopes with putting the video out there is that, with enough views eventually, it will get around to Ellen. The video is only two minutes and thirty seconds in length and features the reasons why we are fighting back, and something that Ellen created, Dance Dares!

This may seem like it could never become a reality, but with your views and the determination to end cancer, everything can become a reality. Some may say we are just a couple of teens with a big dream, but together we will fight this fight until the very end! Please join us in our fight by watching this video:

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