Hear them Roar! Empowering Music Videos

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Who hasn’t felt knocked off their game, only to flip on their iPod and feel jazzed by an inspiring song by a strong female artist? (Alanis, Adele and Florence, we’re looking in your direction.)

Music videos can work the same magic, giving us stories and images that match the power of the lyrics. So if you ever need a pick-me-up, here’s a roundup of a few of our favorites—crank up the volume and prepare to be empowered.

Beautiful, Christina Aguilera

You gotta love it when a song with a phenomenal message also turns out to be a major hit. The ballad “Beautiful” captures a woman’s battle with low self-esteem and the quest to find both inner beauty and peace despite the criticism of others. And the video is equally moving with its images of diverse individuals coping with their own journeys toward self-acceptance. The song was embraced by the LGBT community and remains a touchstone for anyone who’s ever dealt with discrimination or judgment.

Skyscraper, Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato has become quite the voice for promoting self-esteem and confidence among young women. This song is no exception, with its emphasis on staying strong when others try to tear you down. We’re clicking the “like” button on this stripped-down video that puts the focus on her empowering lyrics and killer voice.

This One’s for the Girls, Martina McBride

Awkward moments follow us through life, and Martina McBride feels your pain. In this catchy country tune, she pays tribute to “the girls” (you!) and shows how to stay positive amidst heartbreak and the struggle to follow your dreams.

Stronger, Kelly Clarkson

Okay, so maybe this is essentially a post-breakup song, but we think the lyrics can be applied to way more than a broken heart. How awesome to think you can emerge from struggle and heartache a stronger person, right? And the video! A global flash mob of real fans dancing along to Kelly’s empowering lyrics? Cool and inspiring.

The Remix, New Kids on the Block

Who says guys don’t know a thing or two about what it’s like to be a woman? In this clever story-within-a-video, an “awkward wallflower” busts loose from her insecurity, learns to be comfortable in her own skin, and becomes the life of the party.

Are you curious about some of the lyrics in these songs? Click here to look up the empowering words behind the videos.

What’s your favorite empowering video? What do you listen to when you want to feel confident?

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