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What it’s all about: Hardy Girls Healthy Women (HGHW) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the health and well-being of girls whose mission is to create programs and services that empower girls and young women.

HGHW bases its action and initiatives on the idea that creating healthy women depends upon the communities and social context in which we live. Girls can’t be reduced to a series of problems like “disordered eating” or “self-esteem issues.” Instead, HGHW moves the focus from girls’ internal psychology to the environments in which they live—aiming to create “hardiness” by transforming their world into one of equality, safety, and positive social action. Through positive events, mentorship programs, and education for professionals who work with girls, HGHW strives to change the context in which girls develop.

The mission of HGHW can probably best be summed up by Adriana, one of the “hardy girls” quoted on their website. She says, “Because of Hardy Girls Healthy Women, I feel connected. I feel real. I feel strong. Most importantly, I feel like I am really making a difference in our world, one step at a time.”

How can you get involved in the HGHW mission?

Stay Informed, Get Educated: The Hardy Girls Healthy Women website and blog are both chock full of resources for you to learn more about how we can improve our communities for girls. Also, visit the registration page for their online portal.

Participate: Particularly if you live in the Maine area, Hardy Girls Healthy Women organizes a number of year-round and annual programs to connect girls and young women with positive mentors, messages, and action. Check out the details for “Adventure Girls”, “Girls Rock Weekend” and their “Coalition Groups” HERE.

Register for an Event: Hardy Girls Healthy Women hosts events like the “Freaky 5K” which aims to reject the pressure to look sexy on Halloween and get back to looking scary! More details here.

Apply for the Hardy Girls Healthy Women Advisory Board: High School girls can apply for the opportunity to serve on the Hardy Girls Healthy Women Advisory Board! This is a great leadership opportunity, and a hands-on way to contribute to programs that can help make the world a better place for girls as they grow and develop into healthy women!

Get connected!

Watch Maine State Representative Chellie Pingree’s welcome address at the 2012 “Girls Rock” awards presentation!

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