GUEST POST: “Why I’m a Teen Republican” by Romney supporter Brie Clasen

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Being a Republican in today’s society is somewhat frowned upon, and at times, Republicans are called “small-minded” or “greedy,” among lots of other scrutinizing names. I believe that being a Republican represents a working class of people who believe in the American Dream.

With so many handouts in today’s society, it’s simple for people, especially in younger generations, to maintain a feeling of entitlement and that it’s not necessary to work for what you want.  It’s unfortunate that teenagers and young adults have lost the motivation to go to college or get a job, since access to welfare and other types of handouts are easily accessible.  I believe that America and Republicans stand for coming from nothing and making an impact on society and yourself. There are so many opportunities in America, and instead of degrading small-businesses and entrepreneurs, we need to be supporting them and encouraging others to pursue their dreams. My aunt and uncle own a company called B.R.A.T. Diet Drink, and they are seeing the effects of the economy; with financial binds, they can’t expose the product to the best of its ability.

For the past three years, President Obama has focused on Obamacare rather than the economy. In his new medical care package, Catholics, Christians, and other people Pro-Life would be forced to pay for contraception and abortions. I am proud to say that I am a Catholic, and that Obamacare goes against my Religious rights. I believe that government involvement should be limited, like most other Republicans.

I believe that Republicans and Democrats should meet somewhere in the middle and compromise beliefs for the better being of the American people.  Today’s teenagers should become politically involved, because even though they can’t vote in this election, it’s still important to be aware of the problems our country faces and the people that are making the choices. America is the best country in the world, and we all need to work together to maintain its high integrity.

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