GUEST POST: Krystal Milam, President of The Dream Aspiration Foundation

krystal milam
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Sure, I’ve been to Hollywood. (I even got the chance to get some professional acting training while I was in town!) I’ve also traveled around the world to both Australia and Japan, both lifelong dreams of this aspiring globe-trotter. But the coolest thing I’ve done to date? Found the Dream Aspiration Foundation.

My name is Krystal Milam, and I’m the President of The Dream Aspiration Foundation, which encourages youth to achieve their goals and take initiative on social issues. I was inspired to start the foundation because I realize how fortunate I’ve been to have been afforded so many opportunities and wanted to give others my age the chance to see their own dreams realized. It’s the goal of me and my team to help prepare today’s youth leaders toward a promising tomorrow.

Recently, we established an Ambassadors for Change program. The mission of this program is to develop youth leadership skills, encourage cultural diversity, and aid their work to be in service of the greater good. Through a variety of leadership workshops and travel excursions, the Ambassadors for Change participants will gain better understanding of the importance of world peace, justice for all, and equality.

Intrigued? Get involved! Ways of involvement include but are not limited to becoming a student ambassador or donor and/or starting up a local Ambassadors For Change chapter in your community. I strongly encourage you to join us, as I believe this is truly an enriching program that will have a lasting impact on your life. Learn more about me, my foundation, and my message to the world by visiting my website.

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