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guerilla girls
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What it’s all about: They’re sort of like Robin Hood, these “Guerilla Girls.” In essence, they are women who wear gorilla masks, take a pseudonym of a dead woman artist, and appear in public to post their posters, stickers, and other printed projects that critique sexism and racism wherever they find it.

Like all masked avengers, the Guerilla Girls depend on their anonymity. This keeps the focus away from their identities, and on their message. And their “gorilla” façade points to another defining aspect of the Guerilla Girls: their sense of humor.

The Guerilla Girls are feminists, and don’t understand why anyone wouldn’t want to be a feminist, too! They believe it’s a way of looking at the world—where one half of us are women, and deserve equality. They began in 1985, targeting the sexism and racism in the art world, but their scope has broadened to all aspects of our culture. Their posters have been displayed all over the world, and they’ve even published an art history textbook that’s used in colleges and universities. And most importantly, they’ve caused people to take a closer look at how women and people of color are treated and portrayed in our culture. Take a look at their work here.

To find out more about the history and philosophy of the Guerilla Girls, you can read their FAQ’s page on their website, read an interview that was broadcast by NPR’s Fresh Air, or check out their collection of books.

While the Guerilla Girls are a small group that doesn’t take on new members very often, they do encourage you to be involved in their mission! Here’s how:

* Stay Informed: Sign up for their newsletter via the Guerilla Girls website

* Spread their Work: Purchase posters and stickers created by the Guerilla Girls and post them somewhere in your community!

* Create your own masked identity! The Guerilla Girls encourage you to follow in their footsteps and create your own name and outrageous masked identity and make some posters that expose sexism or racism in your community.

Get connected!

It’s easiest to understand exactly what the Guerilla Girls do by watching! Here, the Guerilla Girls talk about their history and mission.

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