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WHAT IT’S ALL ABOUT: Inspired by Al Gore’s 2006 documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, teen Ally Maize founded the Green Youth Movement (GYM). GYM’s mission is to educate teens and children about the environment, and to encourage youth to take concrete steps towards more sustainable living. Ally believes that starting with youth is the key to taking on global warming. Her goal is for environmental education to become a part of the curriculum in elementary schools across the nation.

GYM has made great headway on its goal! Ally’s homestate of California approved the GYM curriculum.  Hopefully, other states will soon follow in the footsteps of California’s “Education Environment Initiative.”

Want to get involved in the Green Youth Movement and take steps towards eco-conscious living? Here’s how!

* Sign up withGYM: Follow the directions on the “Get Involved” page of the GYM website. Once you sign up, you’ll receive a membership email from GYM, as well as information about upcoming events and initiatives.  You’ll also receive the official “Green Youth Movement Pledge.”

Take the Pledge: You can also access the GYM Pledge on their “Get Involved” page.  Print it off, select the items you’ll commit to do, and then sign it. Keep it somewhere you can be reminded!

Educate Yourself: Visit the “Get Educated” page on the GYM website to learn why it’s helpful to recycle, use those energy-efficient light bulbs, carpool, and more!  And don’t miss the “Green for Teens” link, which lists several actions for teens that can help our planet.


Check out the official Green Youth Movement promotional video here!

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