Got 2 Minutes? Microvolunteer!

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We just read about a cool new website courtesy of one of our fave online destinations, iheartdaily. It’s called Sparked, and it is essentially a “microvolunteering” network, described by the tagline as “online volunteering for busy people (like you).”

The whole idea behind Sparked is to harness the time people already spend surfing around Facebook or Twitter, or even while waiting in line at a Starbucks. The point is convenient online volunteerism that enables people to lend their professional skills whenever and wherever they have time.

Here’s how it works: Volunteers sign up through the Sparked website, which in turn connects them with nonprofits in need of work on things like creative design, new product brainstorming, media relations strategies, and more. People pitch in on various projects and the work gets done. Can you say win win? And Sparked has gotten major corporations involved too through Sparked Enterprise, a program which encourages companies to get in on the action.

Digital volunteerism for the digital age…LOVE it!

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