Going Viral: Five Ways to Use Your Mad Tech-y Skills for Good

going viral skill for good
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Were you were the first of your friends with an Instagram account? Are you always the first person your friends call when they’ve got a computer glitch? If you’re a tech whiz, you can use those handy skills for way more than the occasional tweet. Today, it’s more crucial than ever for non-profits to develop a strong online and social media presence. So how about using your mad tech-y skills to benefit an important cause? Here are a few ideas to get you going.

1. Be the photographer. Take publicity into your own hands! With the onset of social media like Instagram and the ease of taking video on your phone, it’s simpler than ever to snap photos and footage of important events. If you’re savvy with this kind of social networking, you can use it for good! Why not volunteer to be the eyes and ears at a benefit for an important community fundraiser or non-profit initiative? Then publicize the images you capture through various social media like Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook.

2. Be willing to take on the details. Tech skills go far beyond social media. Many non-profits need help in other departments—such as graphic design or simply maintaining a blog. If you’re comfortable posting online content, this might be the job for you! And if you’ve created your own blog or website in the past? Even better. So whether you’re an ace at HTML coding or simply adding a hyperlink, don’t be afraid to approach (or start!) a cause that could use your deft online skills.

3. Go viral! Promote your passion. Numerous non-profits rely on the power of social media to spread their word and advance their cause. Many non-profits encourage teens to create videos or post to their Facebook page. If you need help finding one, take a look at our Spread the Word profiles, many of which focus on non-profits that live by social media.

4. Partner up. Work with someone who’s got a similar passion and a different skill set. Maybe you know someone else who’s great at planning an event, but not-so-great at promoting it or creating the online presence it needs? Offer up your skills and contribute to a meaningful project!

5. Look to the role models. Are you interested in enhancing your skills even further? Follow a larger non-profit (with a big budget) to see how they use social media. Get inspired by major non-profits with great social media campaigns. Check out this article for a rundown of the most successful so far, then take a read of this one for more great ideas on building online presence for an important cause.

Have you ever used social media to promote something you’re passionate about? Share your secrets in the comments!

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