Go Commando: The App That Connects Students With On-The-Fly Work and Intern Gigs

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Times are certainly changing and our daily lifestyles are now more complex, chaotic and demanding than they ever were before.

Juggling schoolwork, campus activities and community events aren’t even the half of it. Aside from dedicating time and energy to academic life, many of us spend hours at a job we can’t afford to let go of.
Thanks to the ever-growing world of technology, it’s becoming a lot easier to achieve work-life balance with the help of a new mobile app called Go Commando.
Go Commando is a mobile app that takes new age marketing to a whole new level by connecting students with brands right through their smartphones.
Once the app is downloaded, students can browse the marketplace for tasks posted by various brands. Students receive an email, push-notification and text when new tasks are posted and are then able to accept tasks that interest them.
Once a task is accepted, students can use built-in features like the the camera to capture photo and video footage of them completing the task or other features such as GPS check-in. Once the task is finished, they submit their work and get paid once it has been approved.
Go Commando is a win-win for both students and brands. It immediately connects brands with students and enables brands to gather information from students directly opposed to third parties. Students are connected to brands that give them money-making opportunities that don’t require them to divide their time between academics and work, because with Go Commando students only work when they choose to.
Go Commando not only allows students to make money without the commitment of a real job, but it also gives them experience they can add to their resumes. Go Commando is available for download on to both iPhone and Android.
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