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Global Girl Media
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What It’s All About: Global Girl Media empowers high school girls from underserved communities by giving them journalism, media, and leadership training so they can make their voices heard in the global media universe.


The program supplies the equipment, education, and support necessary to help young women become digital and blog journalists, bringing their own unique perspectives on their lives, their communities, and world events to the global web and social media community.

Global Girl’s primary program is called Kick it Up, which so far has trained high school girls in Soweto, South Africa and Los Angeles to be digital video journalists for the 2010 World Cup soccer tournament.

Check out this video about Global Girls in Los Angeles!

How can you get involved and support this important venture of getting girls’ voices out into the world? Global Girl asks that you help spread the word with your friends, family, social networks and beyond – all your efforts will help everything that Global Girl does and ensure their continued programs for girls around the world!


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