Girl-Caught Gets Girls Thinking – and Talking – About Media Awareness

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Today is Day of the Girl – a year-long campaign to claim a day for girls everywhere – and we found a perfect way to celebrate: by joining Girl-Caught, a super smart campaign launched by New Moon Girls to raise media awareness and encourage y’all  speak up!

Here’s the scoop from the campaign’s website: “Do you ever feel bothered or happy about how girls and women are shown in ads and on product packages? Now you can tell the companies that make those images how you feel. And you can help change disrespectful ads & packages and make the world better for everyone.”

We love that this campaign encourages girls to get critical about the unhealthy media they see, while celebrating the images they appreciate. If you feel the same, it’s easy to participate.

On the New Moon website, you can print out stickers like the ones shown here – or use virtual ones – to share your opinions about media you’ve found that either gets it right or fails in a major way. Then, you can upload your own Girl-Caught images, and look at what other girls have singled out for yays and nays.

For example, you’ll see praise for an Athleta ad with the words “Inspire others” next to images of a healthy, fit woman – while a Cadeaux ad showing pouty little girls dressed up in sophisticated clothes and lying on a bed with makeup and heels is signaled out for criticism.

How will Girl-Caught change things? Well, besides raising girls’ awareness and flexing some collective power,  it can also deliver a political punch: according to a recent press release, New Moon Girls is planning an event in Washington, DC and Congressional offices nationwide in which they’ll deliver thousands of Girl-Catches to Congress in support of the Healthy Media for Youth Act.

What do you think? Is the media getting more or less respectful of how it presents girls and women? What are some media images you love or loathe?

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