You’re Busy! Get Fit on the Go

Get Fit on the Go
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“I don’t have time to go to the gym!” If you’ve ever uttered this sentence, you’re certainly not alone. With homework, activities, volunteer gigs and weekend travel plans, it may be hard to carve out a solid hour for a spin class or yoga session. Sounds familiar? We’ve got good news. The fitness industry knows you’re busy! How else to explain the growing number of resources and apps out there? Now you can squeeze in a workout in your bedroom, hotel room, or even on your walk to school. Here are our favorite resources for staying fit on the go:

RunKeeper: Always on the go? Just add running shoes! There are few easier ways to stay fit wherever you are than simply strapping them on and taking off. This app is also great for those who may be training for a race, as it allows you to set goals for pace, track your progress and monitor calories burned and heart rate. Find yourself in an unfamiliar city? There are maps to boot.

Authentic Yoga with Deepak Chopra and Tara Stiles: If you’re a yoga goddess but have trouble remembering anything beyond Downward Dog when not in yoga class, this app’s for you. You’ll build strength and flexibility while watching the masters guide you through routines.

Pretty Girls Sweat: Awesome title aside, we love this website for so many reasons. Videos, fashion, nutrition and plenty of “sweatspiration”—the girls featured here make working out look fun, fierce and very pretty. Pull it up on your laptop or smartphone whenever you need some exercise motivation.

Workout Trainer: This app provides a huge range of workouts—varied in length and difficulty—and targets all parts of the body. Plus there’s step-by-step audio instruction to talk you through each exercise.

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 9.58.46 AMSparkPeople: This healthy lifestyle website is loaded with ideas for exercise, nutrition and all-around wellness. Their selection of fitness videos is wide; all you need is a web connection and a place to move. Watch, learn and start toning!

Fooducate: With a busy lifestyle, it’s easy to opt for the fastest and easiest food options when filling your grocery cart. This app lets you check the stats of your next meal or snack by scanning the actual bar code of the food you’re about to purchase. You’ll see what’s really in that box, and the app even suggests healthier alternatives.

Pedometer: There’s just something about pedometers. Designed to simply track how many
steps you’re taking, carrying a pedometer actually causes people to take more steps per day. Set a goal for your number of steps/day, and let your pedometer track your progress. No gym needed.

Resistance/Exercise Band
Small enough to shove in a backpack or suitcase, a good old-fashioned resistance band can work you harder than a gym full of shiny equipment. Indoors or out, you can do these exercises wherever and whenever you find the time.

Pandora Workout Stations: Ever tried to sweat to soothing folk music? It doesn’t work for us either. Check out this list of the ten best Pandora stations for working out—at least one station is sure to pump you up whether you’re on a run, a walk, or doing some strength training with that handy resistance band (see above).


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