Georgia Tween Designs Earth-Friendly Fashions

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We love hearing about young entrepreneurs who follow their passions. That’s why we were so excited to read about 11-year-old Maya Penn.

The tween from Canton, Georgia started her own line of eco-clothes and accessories called  Maya’s Ideas way back in 2008. “I always loved to find fabrics around the house and say well, this might make a good headband or a good hat or something, and then one day I thought I could probably make a shop,” she told My Fox Atlanta. “These are a lot of the fabrics that I might use for my tank tops or my bags, purses, hats.”

On her Etsy site, she sells a wide variety of beautiful, creative items, such as $20 white lace earrings or a $145 “hand knitted chunky neck warmer, accented with recycled green cotton fabric strips.Generously warm and cozy. Handwritten on the fabric strips are positive affirmations of love and peace in different languages.” Her most popular item is a headband with black lace sewed on top, according to an article in Forbes.

Here’s another reason we love Maya: 10 percent of her profits are donated to Atlanta-area charities. “”I like making people happy through my items, but some people may not have the money to purchase my items, so I try to help other people and make them happy through donating,” she told My Fox Atlanta.

For more on eco-fashion, check out our story on the Green Carpet Challenge!

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