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Lauren Orsini
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At Like a Boss, we know that one little thing can have a huge impact. So we just love reading about 24-year-old Laura Orsini, a journalism graduate who just landed a hard-to-get job as a result of one guest blog she wrote for 100 bucks.

Laura responded to a post by Susannah Breslin on her’s blog Pink Slipped, in which she put the call out for a young woman journalist between the ages of 18-25 to pitch an article for a one-time-only guest blogging spot.

Here’s what happened next, as described by Laura in an article by Media Bistro:

The day after my article ran, I got an email from Owen Thomas titled, “Not sure I agree with you about a lack of journalism jobs.” I had already heard about Owen from my days as a Kotaku (Gawker Media) intern and from reading about him on Penelope Trunk’s blog, so I was definitely interested. We had a phone interview, I gave him my references, and accepted the job on Thursday. The Forbes article didn’t “help” me get a gig with the Daily Dot, it was the major catalyst!

Proof that putting yourself out there can make great things happen! Congratulations Laura, and good luck at your new job!

Wanna read the guest post that landed Laura her new gig at The Daily Dot? Check it out and let us know what you think!

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