Friendly Reminder: The Extra Mile Is Never Crowded

how to go extra mile
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I went to NYU for Film & TV and had the entrepreneur’s spirit since being a tot when I contracted chores out to my older sister for a profit (ha!). I run Hello Lucy Design (a web management and design biz) full time as well as Editorial Direction for As a full-of-energy go-getter, my motto is “Why the heck not?”. I'm a mid-western girl who has worked for the BBC in London, Nickelodeon in NYC, and Jazz Aspen Snowmass in Colorado. One of my proudest accomplishments was serving as Co-Director for three consecutive years for the Fusion Film Festival of NYU, celebrating women in film, TV, and new media.

We often forget that “going the extra mile” isn’t just altruistic.

Of course it feels wonderful to go above and beyond–whether in your business, work, school, friendships, holidays–because it just feels like the right thing to do. Rather than being “a means to an end,” giving it your all becomes the end itself.

But if you’ve got goals and visions of a better day/life/world, then odds are going above and beyond is also going to help YOU out in the long run, not just the person/project/company/school you’re giving 100% for. From Lifehacker’s The Extra Mile Is Never Crowded:

Every day, when you start your projects, you get to decide how much effort you’re going to put in. A little, the normal amount, or go completely overboard. Few choose that last option, which gives you an advantage.

Should you feel bad about this?

Absolutely not!

Never feel bad for doing good or giving good, and experiencing good in return.

So how do decide when to go all in, or graciously decline?

I strive to be compassionate and generous in all areas of my life–letting another car pull in front of me in a crowded lane,  tipping more than 20%, smiling at people passing by, or walking a client through my design process so they feel included and comfortable.

That said, I also try to reserve my energy for things I care about. And only in the things I care about, do I go the extra mile.

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