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come up with ideas for your ventureOn Like a Boss’s Build Your Dream channel, young entrepreneurs can find all kinds of important resources, such as an Entrepreneur Tool Box — and stories from teens who are making their dreams come true.  We know that even the most savvy, innovative girls need support — and inspiration.

That’s why we are serving up five short pieces of advice to keep you focused on your goal.  Check them out, then visit our Build Your Dream channel for even more great insight — and be sure to share your own tips for success.

ONE: Get advice from the right people. Think about the leaders, teachers and other role models around you, and ask yourself what you admire or appreciate about them. That way you can frame your questions in a way that will most benefit you and make it easiest for them to give you input.

TWO: Build a a team. Whether you’re in the dreaming stages of your big idea or are ready to launch, focus your time and energy on tasks that play to your strengths, and look around for others to help you by bringing their unique skills and strengths to the project!

THREE: Stay motivated. Motivation is what will keep you going, even when things get hard, you feel burned out, or naysayers try to discourage you from going after what you want. Looking for a little extra oomph to keep your energy up? Check out our ideas.

FOUR: Be flexible. Set aside time to reexamine what you do and how you do it on a regular basis. Being flexible and nimble will ensure you can go with the flow and give your business the best possible chance at growing and thriving.

FIVE: Be patient. Even some of the world’s biggest business ideas ever invented took a while to catch on. So remember that bringing an idea to life and sharing it with the world is a marathon, not a sprint.

What quick tips do you have to share with other teen entrepreneurs?

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