Friday 5: Ideas for Creative Girls

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Calling all creative girls! Did you know that you can use your artistic talents to spread the word for causes you care about? It’s true. Plus, your creative energy can lead to great fundraising opportunities, help you release stress, and even just inspire you to make someone’s day a little brighter. Here are five ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

ONE: Share a song: There are lots of other ways to use music to touch people, from performing in hospitals, schools and elderly care facilities, to downloading a mix of songs for a friend who’s down in the dumps. We were so touched by this story from Music is Medicine Founder Leora Friedman (pictured here),: “A few weeks ago, I performed for the pediatric oncology patients at Johns Hopkins,” she said. “In the playroom, one little girl sat with her mother. After I introduced myself, she glanced at me shyly, her face tilting downward and her eyes appearing blank and distant. I removed my guitar from its case and began to sing. After a few moments, I saw her beaming at me, and life filled her eyes. My heart warmed. I had managed to connect to her. To uplift her. To impact her. I’ll never forget that moment and others like it.”

TWO: Paint a mural. We got this idea from 47 Things You Can Do to Help the Environment, but it’s a bold and beautiful way to raise attention for any cause that’s close to your heart. Here’s advice from the book: “A mural is a big project, but one that’s well worth the time. If you want to paint a mural on a private piece of property (like the outside wall of a local store), talk to the owners or managers of the building about your idea. Be specific and even provide sketches to help persuade them to let you do it. To get your work on public property (like in a park or public school wall), contact your city’s youth, public arts, or beautification committees to see what opportunities are available. In some cities, art non-profits like San Francisco’s Precita Eyes and Philadelphia’s Mural Arts Program specifically work with the city to create murals. Once your mural is done, organize a big opening day to draw people to publicize the new work.”

THREE: Write it out: Keeping a journal is a great way to relieve stress and keep yourself feeling grounded. Take note of how balanced you feel each night and what any imbalances feel like. This will help you start to recognize what being out-of-balance looks like for you so can be proactive about staying healthy! Click here to get more advice about staying balanced when you’re busy.

FOUR: Make a Movie: Making documentaries is such a great way to raise awareness about an issue in your community — it can also be fun and teach you some career-building skills. This summer, 22 teen filmmakers were awarded grants from Project VoiceScape, a collaboration between the Adobe Foundation’s global signature philanthropy program Adobe Youth Voices and POV, public television’s longest-running showcase for independent nonfiction films. Each winning project received $2,000 in completion funds, and teens got the  opportunity to be mentored by award-winning documentary filmmakers. Read more about them here.

FIVE:  Create a Keepsake: This is a great fundraising idea! People love to buy things that are unique, collectible, and have limited availability…like a souvenir, but one that’s specifically related to your issue. Take teen writing organization WriteGirl. Each year WriteGirl publishes a collection of writing from participating teens and sells the anthologies as a fundraiser. The books are like nothing you’ll find in a Barnes & Noble, and purchasers have the additional satisfaction of knowing they’re getting a unique keepsake while supporting a good cause (read our review of WriteGirl’s latest anthology Beyond Words).

What are some other ways that you use your creativity to inspire others — or keep yourself moving and motivated? Share your secrets!

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