Friday 5: Smart Advice From Smart Women

Shivani Siroya
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Inventure's Shivani Siroya

For this Friday 5, we rounded up expert advice from entrepreneurs and activists who know exactly what it takes to get a project off the ground. Read on for more on the Five Ps — then find out how you can get expert answers to your questions!

ONE: Be Passionate: Think about what kind of change you want to see in the world — and what kind of work you’re most excited to do. Anita Roddick, Founder of The Body Shop, was very clear about her personal vision: “I want to work for a company that contributes to and is part of the community,” she once said. “I want something not just to invest in. I want something to believe in.” Read more about her story here.

TWO: Be Prepared: You never know when creativity will strike! “Keep a dedicated notebook or create a bulletin board/wall in your bedroom where you can tack or paste up your ideas. Stick to one idea per page/Post-It, and as soon as you get a new idea you want to tackle, get it down on paper,” suggests bestselling author of Chill: Stress-Reducing Techniques for a More Balanced, Peaceful You, Debbie Reber. Read more of her advice for managing your time.

THREE: Be Proactive: This means having a plan — and doing your homework. “Make sure you’ve done your research, make sure other organizations aren’t doing what you’re doing, and then jump in,” says Shivani Siroya, founder of InVenture, an investment fund that helps small-business owners in underdeveloped countries lift their communities out of poverty. “Think through all the steps and have a vision. Things come together along the way.”  Read more about her story here.

Four: Be Practical: You gotta have a budget. “Simply stated, you’ll need some money to get started, even if it’s just for business cards, flyers or phone calls,” advises Dani Ticktin Koplik, principal of dtkResources, “You may not need a lot but it’s important to 1) know where to get it 2) factor it into profitability and 3) understand that you have to pay back what you borrow.  Don’t fall into the lemonade stand trap: even if the lemons come from your refrigerator, they’re not free.” Get more of her insight the unique challenges of teen entrpeneurs — and how to handle them, here. Plus, don’t miss our fundraising tips.

FIVE: Be Persistent: “Never give up,” says says Keren Taylor, creator of WriteGirl. “Know that you don’t know all aspects of a situation, and you may never know…Set goals that are slightly out of reach. Accept change. Accept rejection. Accept success.” Read more of our exclusive interview with Keren here.

Have a question that you would like to get an expert’s opinion on? Ask via Twitter @HeartofGoldGirl! We can’t wait to help find the answer.

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