Friday 5: Quotes to Keep You Motivated

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We recently posted a piece on Like a Boss about  how to keep yourself motivated. The article is packed with smart advice for picking yourself up and sticking to your goals, including this gem: 

Read Inspirational Quotes: Jump onto Tumblr or Google and do a search for “inspirational quotes” or “inspirational sayings” and you’ll find literally thousands of words of encouragement at your fingertips. You might want to print out a couple of your faves and post them somewhere where you can easily see them and soak in their motivational effects.

Of course, you can start your search for wise words a little closer to home:  On our website and blog we post all kinds of great quotes from smart, creative leaders. Check out these articles to find one that stir your heart:

ONECelebrating  African-American History Month: In the beginning of February, we shared five quotes from African-American artists, activists, and entrepreneurs that we find particularly inspiring, including wise words from Oprah Winfrey and Michelle Obama.

TWO: Inspiring Quotes for the New Year: As 2012 began, we knew every girl needed a few words of wisdom to help her feel inspired, energized and ready to tackle new goals. That’s why we collected five motivational quotes to help ring in the New Year, including wise words from Albert Einstein and Benjamin Franklin.

THREE: Women Who’ve Won Nobel Prizes: In the 110-year history of the Nobel Peace Prize, only 12 women have won the prestigious award. Three of them were winners in 2011. To honor these three amazing leaders, we gathered up their thoughtful quotes, and those of other Nobel Prize winning women. Which one has the greatest impact on you?

FOUR: Honoring Martin Luther King, Jr.: A powerful speaker who inspired millions with his words of love, tolerance, and peaceful revolution, Martin Luther King will always be remembered as the most iconic figure in the Civil Rights Movement. And his words continue to resonate with today’s young leaders and activists, including this powerful motivator: “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.

FIVE: Fundraising Tips for You: These quotes are a little more on the practical side, and majorly important for teen entrepreneurs and activists. Whether you’re starting your own project, or want to support a cause you care about, you have to have some cash on hand. Wondering how to get started? Get inspired by these tips from teens and other experts who know what it takes!

Do you have quotes taped up in your bedroom or in your locker? What words of wisdom keep you motivated?

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