FRIDAY 5: Great Ways to Love Yourself

deep breathing
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Valentine’s Day sure was a good time to show and tell the people you love how much they mean to you. But now that February 14 has come and gone, let’s keep that love flowing — including sending a little sweetness out to yourself.

Here are some ideas for ways to spend a day telling yourself that you care, starting from the moment you get up in the morning:

ONE:  Breathe Deeply: Practicing deep breathing for even five minutes a day will reduce your stress levels, relax your muscles, release toxins from your body, relieve emotional problems, boost your immune system, support your organs, strengthen the heart, aid in digestion, and elevate your mood. Find out how to do it here.

TWO:  Make Yourself Some Breakfast: Yes, it really is the most important meal of the day! Plus, the American Dietetic Association says breakfast eaters “concentrate better, solve problems more easily, and have better muscle coordination.” Find out more about how to tackle stress with nutrition here.

THREE: Put Together a Playlist: Just like you might make a mix for a special someone, think of songs that make you feel good about yourself. You know, the kind of song that makes them feel inspired, pumped up, energized, motivated… full of the awesome.  Listen to them on your way to school, or during an afternoon workout. Need some inspiration? See the songs picked by five amazing women.

FOUR: Get a Workout In: Spend a little time in the afternoon getting the heart rate up — and letting out the stress you’ve built up during the day.  Even getting your blood pumping by doing things like jumping rope, push-ups, jumping jacks, and simple weights for 20 minutes a day can give you these positive side-effects. If you need a gentle, relaxing workout, you could try some yoga poses.

FIVE: Get Some Good Rest: And that means turning off your phone. According to a recent study, teens send a whopping 3,400 texts per month just during nighttime hours. Yikes! Try taking the night off and see if you sleep better.

Keep this list growing! What do you do when you need to give yourself some love?

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