FRIDAY 5: Celebrate National Mentoring Month

It's National Mentoring Month!
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It’s January and that means it’s National Mentoring Month. In fact, this is the 11th anniversary of the commemorative celebration, which, according to the NMM website, “focuses national attention on the need for mentors, as well as how each of us—individuals, businesses, government agencies, schools, faith communities and nonprofits—can work together to increase the number of mentors to assure brighter futures for our young people.”

Here are five ways to celebrate mentors and mentoring this month:

ONE: Become a Mentor: On the NMM website, you can enter your zip code and find out about mentoring opportunities in your community. Volunteering to work with young people to teach them about something you love — from reading to music to a sport — is a great way to feel good about yourself, make a difference in someone’s life, and build your resume for future jobs and college interviews.

TWO: Find a Mentor: According to a poll conducted by Young Invincibles in conjunction with Lake Research Partners and Bellwether Research, lack of mentors is one of the reasons that young people decide not to start businesses. That’s why we fill our site with teen and adult women who’ve got lots of advice to share, such as business maven Dani Ticktin Koplik. To find a mentor closer to home, talk to your school guidance counselor about finding a leader in your community or call up your local chamber of commerce. Teachers and relatives also can make good choices!

THREE: Spread the Word: Encourage your peers — and even adults in your community — to share their talents through mentoring  by writing an article in your school newspaper, writing a blog post, or even creating a mural at your school or local library. Here are more ideas for making a statement with your creative talents!

FOUR: Support a Mentoring Organization: Raise money for a great project such as Big Brothers, Big Sisters or Girls, Inc. According to MENTOR, a co-founder of National Mentoring Month, studies have shown “a more than 250 percent return on a $1 investment in mentoring and myriad quality of life benefits to the mentor, too.” You may want to use a statistic like that while you’re collecting donations!

FIVE: Thank Those Who Have Made a Difference: You can participate in Thank Your Mentor Day on January 26, 2012 by writing a personal note to a teacher, coach or other role model who has made an impact on your life. For more ideas for how to honor your mentor, see NMM’s list. At Like a Boss Girls, we want to thank all the wonderful teen girls and women who have shared their stories and advice about entrepreneurship, activism and volunteering!

Who has been the biggest mentor in your life? Here’s your chance to thank them for all their effort and smart advice!

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