4 Steps I Consistently Take to be the Best Me

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Here’s a golden nugget of good news: You don’t have to wait for the next New Year to roll around to reinvent/better yourself.

I don’t know if it was the quarter-life crisis or the exhaustion from my ever-growing worry. Whatever it was made me decide that enough was enough. It was time to change myself for the better. Ironically, it did happen as 2016 approached and I jumped on the resolution train. But the decision to reinvent yourself goes deeper than your standard resolutions. The New Year is a convenient time because it’s a fresh start and so symbolizes a clean slate. The fact is that you can reinvent yourself whenever you chose, whether it be in January, July, on Halloween or the second Tuesday of November. 

So, in the quest to reinvent/better myself, I came up with a few steps that helped me figure out and achieve my goal.

1. Ask myself what I really want.

What do I want?  An easy question to ask but difficult to answer. Being a millennial and trying to get your life together is hard. We have the expectations from the generations before us to figure out everything by a certain age because that’s what they did. But it’s not that simple anymore. The world around us is changing and so is our place in it. And you don’t have to find one thing and stick with it. You can do something for a few years and then switch completely. You can switch jobs or cities or whatever you want. Or, you can find the one thing you love and stick with it. Nothing is set in stone. Once you figure that out, you can think about what you want, whether it’s for right now or forever, and go out and get it.

I took the time to look inside myself and figure out what I truly want. Even if it seemed unattainable, I took note of it anyway.

The world is full of opportunities. Go for it!

2. Create a Vision Board.

Tap into your inner child because this requires you to break out the craft supplies and get to work. Vision boards are all the rage and for good reason. They work. Obviously they aren’t magic boards that manifest what you add to them. That would be great and we’d all be millionaires. (Someone invent this please). It’s more about mental stimulation. You create a vision board with images of what you want and you look at it every day. It serves as a reminder and a source of inspiration. It helps you visualize what you want most so that you go out and try to achieve it. From what I understand, it does work.

I created a vision board a while back and from a strictly “artistic” standpoint, I’m proud of it. I found, printed, and pasted images of what I want in my life: love/marriage, a career in my field, to get fit and healthy, and the places I want to visit/live. I also added pictures of women who I aspire to be like, inspirational quotes and so forth. I placed it beside the door of my bedroom. Every morning before I leave, I take a long look at it and remind myself of what I want.

be the best you vision board
Example of a Vision Board from Nanette Saylor | Flickr

3. Fix what needs to be fixed.

This step is different for everyone. It goes without saying that every individual has their own set of problems or obstacles to work through. I don’t want to generalize and say that it’s easy to just “fix it.” I can only speak for myself. I knew I couldn’t move forward in bettering myself if I didn’t stop what was holding me back.

I suffer from anxiety. I suppose I was always anxious, now looking back, but it’s gotten worse as I’ve gotten older. I found myself feeling it bad last year and it was starting to hinder me more than ever. I decided that with the coming new year I would really try and help myself. Anxiety has a way of draining all of your positivity and inspiration and leaves you feeling hopeless and unable to do anything except go through the motions. Even though that feeling wasn’t constant for me, I knew I needed to do something effective. Personally, I enjoy listening to hypnosis. A few years ago, I came across a website that offers a countless number of hypnosis downloads for almost anything imaginable. I’ve used them in the past and they’ve proven successful. I found one for anxiety and I’ve been listening to it. It’s slow going but I feel that it helps me. Of course, this is personal and something I’ve found that works for me. For someone else, it may be different. You have to find what works for you, whatever it may be and use it.

4. Let it go.

Cue the Frozen soundtrack, find your inner Elsa, and let it go. As busy human beings with jobs, responsibilities, and relationships, our minds are constantly running. Even when we relax, the wheels in our brains still turn and spin and try to remind us of all we have to do or worry about. Add that to having anxiety and you pretty much have a mind that’s faster than warp speed. At some point you have to take a step back from yourself and separate the important from the not so important. I am always reminding myself to worry about the few big things that matter and to not sweat the small stuff. When you finally get the hang of it, you realize how freeing it is and how you can move forward in achieving your goals without the unnecessary weight of worry and self-doubt holding you back.

So, sing the song (I know you’re probably singing it now anyways, sorry) and let it all go.

There it is, the four-steps to a better you. Is it easy? Nope, not in the slightest. But really, what worthwhile endeavor is easy? The answer is none. If you want to change something, you have to work for it. Find what works for you, put it into action, and go be the best you!

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