Using Facebook To Further Your Cause

facebook cause page example
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setting up a facebook page for a causeIf you’ve got an important movement, event, or group to promote, don’t miss out on one of the easiest ways to spread the word – creating a Facebook page dedicated to your cause. Hey, you may not reach all 24 million Facebook users with your effort, but you’ll still connect with your core contacts for an easy way to generate buzz.

Setting up your Facebook page for a group or cause is simple. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Go to your News Feed main page

2. On the left-hand column, right above the mini pictures of all your friends who are available on chat, click on More so all the options are revealed

3. Click on Ads & Pages

4. At the top, click on the box that says +Create Page

5. Click on the Cause or Community box, type in the name of your cause, and check the box saying you agree to Facebook Pages Terms. If you aren’t sure what to call your page, think about the movement or cause you want to promote (ie: “Teens For Cleaner Living” or “Bully-Free Zone at Lakemont High School”)

6. Set up your page like you would your personal Facebook page, including adding a photo, logo, or graphic design, as well as filling in the basic information by clicking the Edit Info link at the top of the page.

Easy peasy, right? So now that you’ve got a bright, shiny new online presence for your cause, it’s time to make that page work for you and get you the attention you want:

  • Just as you invite others to be your friends on Facebook, do the same with your new page by inviting all your friends to “Like” your page. This will ensure any posts from your page will show on everyone’s News Feed.
  • Import the contacts you already have who might not be Facebook friends to let them know about the new page.
  • If you already have a personal website or one you’ve created for the cause, click on Promote This Page on Your Website and Facebook will generate a “Like” box for you to embed onto your site.
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