ENTREPRENEUR QUICK TIP: View School Work Through An Entrepreneurial Lens

Entrepreneurial Quick Tip School
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Some schools are starting to offer classes in entrepreneurship. Those schools understand that giving teens like you the information and tools to have an “entrepreneurial mindset” will only benefit them later in life, no matter what career they find themselves in.

But even if your school isn’t one of the ones offering these new classes, you can still do it on your own. How? By looking at your math, reading, and writing classes through the lens of an entrepreneur. Use assignments where you have freedom to choose a topic to explore something for your business. Consider your math homework to be real-world preparation for being in charge of the finances for your own company.

That’s the cool thing about being an entrepreneur — you get to decide how to apply what you know to what you do. So why not make the most out of what your school has to offer?

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