Eco-Chic at This Year’s Golden Globes

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There were many awards at last week’s Golden Globe Awards, but the real winner in our minds is Livia Firth, who looked stunning in a dress upcycled from plastic water bottles collected from Italian recycling bins. Oh, by the way, it was also Armani.

Firth wore the dress (pictured here) to kick off her Green Carpet Challenge, now in its third year. Designers such as Tom Ford,  and Stella McCartney will participate throughout 2012, designing dresses with a sustainable and ethical ethical ethos. Keep checking the red carpet to see what Firth, the wife of actor Colin Firth, wears to the Oscars, BAFTAs and more.

“Livia’s enthusiasm and dedication to this cause have been very inspiring for me,” Giorgio Armani told Vogue.” Awareness for the environment is a topic that’s very important for us all: we cannot avoid it.”

Read Firth’s Vogue blog to learn more about how the unique, sustainable fabric was created for her Armani dress. Plus, don’t miss out on our other ideas’ for fashion girls looking to make a difference.

What do you think of Livia Firth’s dress? What other upcycled or sustainable fashion have you been inspired by?

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