Sweet Spot: Eight Ways To Celebrate Do Something Nice Day This Oct 5

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There’s a lot of talk about the dangers of bullying. But conversations about how to act by starting from a place of sweetness doesn’t get as much play. So what better time than this Sunday, October 5th–which marks Do Something Nice Day–to up your nice girl game? Of course, being nice isn’t always easy, but a simple gesture or two can help change the world for the better. So, in an effort to motivate you to do the right thing (even if it isn’t easy), I’ve compiled a list of incentives to help make your default response a kind one–all year ‘round. Here’s are eight reasons to break out the niceties this Do Something Nice Day:

1.)  When you’re nice, you can get free things. Every time I go to my coffee shop I give ‘em a big smile and thank them. I ask how they’re doing and I don’t talk on the phone while I place my order. I say “Have a good one,” every time I leave. Now I get free coffees all the time! Bonus: you can also pretend that you’re getting free coffee because everyone thinks you’re so beautious.




2.) It’ll make you unforgettable. Unfortunately, most people aren’t extremely nice. Want to set yourself apart from the crowd? Greet someone with a big smile and actually ask them how their day is going. You can also use this as an opportunity to pretend you’re the quirky dream girl everyone adores. (You probably are.)


3.)   If you’re nice most of the time, people will forgive your occasional setbacks. I lose my temper once in a while, but usually I’m a delight–just ask my mom, or my friends I’ve paid to say such things. So, every once in a while, when I lose it, people write that off as a momentary lapse. Remember, if you’re mean all the time people will notice and they’ll be less likely to let it slide.


4.)  Being nice will make you happier. Smiling and doing something nice to another person actually releases endorphins. Win-win. (Also exercise releases endorphins, but that requires a lot more sweat so, no thank you.)


5.)  You’ll get compliments. People love a nice person, because a nice person makes them feel good. When you’re good to someone, they tend to be grateful, and they’ll want to be nice back because it’s contagious. They will say, “you are so nice! Are you a model? I like your beautiful hair! I am friends with Idris Elba and I feel like he would love you – I’ll set it up!*” *That last one did not happen, but I feel confident it may one day.


6.)  Karma. Be nice: what goes around comes around. Just ask Justin Timberlake.


7.)  You never know who you’re going to meet. Be nice to new people. You might wind up being good friends, or making an amazing impression on someone who can help you out down the road. Like, how, you ask? One time I held a broken stall door closed for a girl I met in a bathroom. We started talking, became friends, and she’s hooked me up with some amazing jobs, to boot! Gents, maybe this is why girls go to the bathroom together: to build business connections.


8.)  Being nice will make you feel good about yourself. On the phone with a real jerk? Be nice back. You’ll be happy with your self-restraint. (Nothing feels as good as self-righteousness.) And, they’ll feel worse for being a meany. Plus you’ll be able to look back on your day and know you did the best you could.


Get it.

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