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Day of the Girl
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We know that every day is girls’ day, but a group of student activists from School Girls Unite want to make sure that girls in the United States have their own national holiday – a day of recognition and understanding for girls everywhere.

Inspired by ongoing efforts at the UN to establish an International Day of the Girl, the women and girls behind this campaign want President Obama to issue a Presidential Proclamation making September 22, 2011, the Day of the Girl.

On September 22, girls around the country will come together in their own neighborhoods and in cities with national events to talk about and raise awareness of gender-based stereotypes, discrimination, declining education opportunities, health and happiness in order to help girls live up to their full potential.

Here’s how they describe their goals for the Day:

We want equal access to opportunities to express ourselves, learn, grow, and contribute to the world. We want the freedom to be ourselves, and to be seen as equals in our own eyes and the eyes of others. The Day of the Girl will give us the opportunity to use that freedom to help girls all over the world.

The organizers behind the Day of the Girl campaign have created a petition which they’ll send to President Obama. You can access and sign the petition here.

If you want to get more involved, the Day of the Girl website includes a list of things you can do right now to help make this day happen, including organizing events, making your own promotional videos (they’re launching a contest soon), and helping to spread the word. Click here to read more!

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