Curtain Call: Which Artsy Job is Right For You?

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Are you mad about museums? Nuts over the “Nutcracker?” A total Broadway buff? No need to swoon from the sidelines. It’s easy to get one step closer to your guilty pleasure, thanks to these juicy jobs and volunteer roles in the arts. See which one suits you best below:

Usher: Not to be confused with Usher Raymond, being an usher is actually an uber-cool job at live theatre and concert venues. As an usher, your role might be to take tickets, show patrons to their seats or help hand out programs. One of the best perks? You usually get to see the show…for free! (Some theatre companies that can only afford volunteer ushers guarantee complimentary admission to shows as a “thank you.”) Best suited for: “people” persons, theatre lovers and those who are helpful/friendly

Docent: If your brain is bursting with a ridiculous amount of info about art, history or another topic, you might make a great docent. Docents sign on to help museums educate people about the various collections inside and their contents. (After all, navigating all that knowledge can be overwhelming! It’s always good to have a guide at your side to avoid brain drain.) They go through intense training to learn all the inner workings of the museum and about the important items being showcased. Best suited for: people with lots of curiosity and people who like to teach others

Tour Guide: Want a permanent backstage pass? Get a gig as a tour guide, where you’ll get to take groups behind the scenes at places like concert halls, museums, theaters or other cool arts venues. Fun random things are sure to pop up on every tour and you’re likely to get lots of entertaining questions (which will definitely make the 37th time you give that speech a lot more bearable). Best suited for: Outgoing people who enjoy public speaking

Camp Counselor/Instructor: If you loved the flick Camp Rock, why not live it for yourself? There are tons of summer camps out there devoted to the performing arts—and they need rockin’ counselors/instructors like you. From sleepaway camp to intensives to local day camps, you’ll find many options for helping other get their start in the arts. Act, dance, sing, sculpt…the sky’s the limit! Best suited for: Natural leaders who love kids

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