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What it’s all about: CreativeCares is a nonprofit organization based in Portland, OR whose sole purpose is to advance the missions of other nonprofits by connecting them with the creative talents of volunteers.

Nonprofits often need the assistance of creative folks like graphic designers, writers, web design, and even filmmakers. CreativeCares acts as a matchmaker, connecting these organizations with the creative energy they need to widen their reach and make a difference. With a broad range of participating nonprofits, there’s likely to be one that fits your passion.

Interested in getting involved? This is a great opportunity to devote a few hours of time and your creative gifts to help make positive change. Here’s what you can do:

  • Be prepared! Be ready to share your creative work and your passion for the nonprofit of your choice.

Want more info? Here, the CreativeCares founder, Burk Jackson, talks about CreativeCares, and how they connect creative volunteers with nonprofits.

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