College Students are More Confident Than Ever (Is That a Bad Thing?)

College Students are More Confident Than Ever
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New evidence from academics who study today’s Generation Y (the generation that includes today’s teens and 20-somethings…basically, YOU) points to the idea that today’s college students are, in their words, “overly confident.” The study found that a growing percentage of incoming college freshmen rated themselves as “above average” in several categories, compared with college freshmen who were surveyed in the 1960s.

Jean Twenge, author of the book Generation Me, is one of the key academics on the study, and she feels that being overly confident and self-assured can make it tough when Gen Y gets out into the “real world” and can pose problems, in relationships and the workplace.

But critics of the study say that it doesn’t factor in all the positive side-effects of being self-assured. One of those positive side-effects? Being highly engaged in community service. Today’s college students are way more likely to have volunteered in high school than the generation before them, and they’re also much more interested in public service.

What do you think of this study? Do you think there is a down-side to being overly confident? Do you think being super self-assured can benefit you?

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