College Planning? New Site Gives You the Scoop on What It’ll Cost You

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Know you want to go to college, but aren’t sure what it’ll cost at the end of the day? Or maybe you have questions about what kind of student loans you’d be looking at based on your dream school’s tuition or you want to understand what kind of debt you could be graduating with.

The US Department of Education’s new College Affordability Transparency Center is the place to go. The site will give you a ton of information about tuition and net prices at post-secondary institutions, and highlights institutions with high and low tuition and fees as well as high and low net prices (the price of attendance minus grant and scholarship aid). It also shows institutions where tuition and fees and net prices are increasing at the highest rates.

On the interactive site, you can search by type of college (public, private, 2-year, 4-year, etc.), tuition costs, rate of increases, and more. You can even do a search of vocational programs to get a list of institutions that offer the program and the tuition and net prices they charge for the entire program.

Let us know what you think of the service if you check it out!

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