Celebrate Girls Career Day by Inspiring Others and Yourself

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Girls Career Day is April 25, 2015!

Ready to meet your next role model—or inspire a younger girl? On April 25th, Y-WE, a Seattle-based organization that provides mentorship and empowerment programs for teen girls, is hosting Girls Career Day. They’re inviting women and girls in high school, college, and beyond to get together and find career inspiration.

The event will empower girls and women with the help of keynote speakers, interactive workshops, and career development activities. If you live in the Seattle area, check out Girls Career Day in person – details are on the Y-WE website.

If you live elsewhere, you don’t have to miss out. We’ve got a few ideas on how to celebrate Girls Career Day:

Connect with the women who inspire you. Whether you credit your professional success to a female boss, a mentor, or your mom, today is the perfect day to reach out and thank the role model in your life for setting such a good example.

Check in with someone who could use a boost. Know a girl who’s just starting out in your field? Ask her how things are going. Chances are she could benefit from your advice and experience as a seasoned pro. You could even offer your services as a mentor.

Learn a new skill. Girls Career Day is the perfect day to give your current career a boost. Sign up for a class, put a new how-to book on your Kindle, or check out a few YouTube tutorials by successful women in your field. Did you know you can teach yourself to code online for free?

Find a new role model. Check out our Girls Who Crush It section for instant career inspiration—or take our Which Famous Celeb Entrepreneur Are You? Quiz to find your celebrity entrepreneurial spirit animal.

Try networking. Let Girls Career Day inspire you to step outside your comfort zone. Check out a local networking event and connect with like-minded women.


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