Celeb with Heart, Natalie Portman

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When it comes to using celebrity power for good, Oscar winner Natalie Portman is an incredible role model.

Even as a girl, Natalie had the heart of an activist. A very young Portman joined the World Patrol Kids, a song and dance group devoted to raising kids’ awareness about environmental issues like recycling. (See if you can track her down on YouTube as an 11-year-old singing “Recycle It!”) Since then, Natalie has attached her name and support to numerous causes and non-profit organizations such as FINCA’s Village Banking Campaign, among others.

Environmental causes are important to Natalie, who traveled to Rwanada in 2007 to film a documentary called Gorillas on the Brink. She also made a well-publicized commitment to veganism in 2009, and is an outspoken advocate for the humane treatment of animals. Portman is also deeply connected to her Jewish ancestry, and holds dual citizenship in theUnited States and Israel. Her involvement in the One Voice Movement demonstrates her commitment to peace. Natalie has been recognized for her work, and was nominated in 2010 for a VH1 “Do Something” Award.

These days, Natalie keeps herself beyond busy as an ambassador for Free the Children, which works to ensure secondary education for girls in Kenya. Natalie supported the recent Power of a Girl project, which resulted in the creation of the Kisaruni All-Girls Secondary Boarding Schoolin the Maasai Mara region of Kenya. And in Fall of 2012, Dior cosmetics line will launch a new lipstick, chosen by Natalie, and the proceeds will be donated to Free the Children, in support of girls’ education scholarships in Kenya. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg for this young star.

While you may associate Natalie Portman primarily with her movie performances, she’s working to make the world a more peaceful, equitable place through her ­non-acting activities. In an article in USA Today, Natalie talks about traveling to developing countries to see her work first-hand: “It definitely makes you realize how it’s really just luck where you’re born and what opportunities you’re given. It opened my eyes to the fact that we’re really the minority in being able to read a newspaper, to be an educated woman who can feed herself.”

Want to get involved in Free the Children like Natalie? Visit their site for youth!

And to see Natalie’s passion come through as she talks about the importance of education in Kenya, check out this video!

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