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Tory Burch Foundation
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Fashion designer and crazy-successful businesswoman Tory Burch states, “When starting a company you must have a unique idea, absolute focus and the tenacity to follow through.” It seems she applied that same philosophy in starting the Tory Burch Foundation. Inspired by her own experiences as a working Mom and entrepreneur, she launched the Foundation in 2009 to provide resources and mentorship to aspiring women entrepreneurs.

Since its inception, the Foundation continues to grow and expand, upping the ante on its ability to empower women.  Over the past few years, Burch has added a mentorship program with high-profile women entrepreneurs as well as an entrepreneurial education program. And she’s nowhere near finished. Continuing to prove that her heart lies in more than creating a perfect tunic or pair of flats, she hopes to make the Tory Burch Foundation a global organization.

Look no further than the website if you’re seeking support for an entrepreneurial endeavor. The “Find Resources” page provides links to their entrepreneurial library, educational opportunities and even applications for loans and grants. And if you’re not quite ready to start a business of your own? Take a peek at her “Get Inspired” section, which offers inspirational quotes and words of wisdom from women who’ve “made it.”

Yes, even you can support the efforts of the Tory Burch Foundation! Here’s how:

Follow the Foundation. Spend some time on the Tory Burch Foundation website, connect via Facebook and Twitter, and spread the word about the great work they’re doing to support women entrepreneurs.

Shop for the Cause. Check out the Tory Burch Foundation Store for fashionable accessories like her famous ballet flat and colorful bracelets. And feel good about splurging, since the proceeds support the Foundation’s mission!

Donate. If you’d like to support the mission of the Tory Burch Foundation but don’t have quite the budget to shop her products, consider making a smaller straight-up donation! Every little bit helps.

Here, Tory Burch provides her own invaluable advice to aspiring entrepreneurs and addresses the “A”-word: Ambition!

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