Can’t Sleep? Maybe It’s All the Texting…

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Here’s something to think about as you set your back-to-school routine: between school, jobs, and extracurricular activities, it’s hard for teens to get the nine hours of sleep they need each night. In fact, fewer than 10 percent of teens get this much sleep, according to a study in Journal of School Health.

But you know what else may be stopping you from getting the rest you need? Spending time playing video games, texting and social networking before bed. And according to a recent study, teens are plugged-in well into the night, sending an average of 34 texts after bedtime – and a whopping 3,400 texts per month during nighttime hours.

The study conducted at the Sleep Disorders Center at JFK Medical Center in Edison, N.J., “found that children who snuck time on their cell phones, computers and other electronic devices after supposedly going to sleep had a greater chance of sleep disorders that cause other difficulties,” says an article from HealthDay News. “The research found correlations between late-night electronic media use and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, mood swings, anxiety, depression and poor cognitive functioning (thinking skills) during the day.”

The Mayo Clinic provides a number of tips to help teens trying to get more sleep, including encouraging parents to “Know when to unplug. Take the TV out of your teen’s room, or keep it off at night. The same goes for your teen’s cellphone, computer and other electronic gadgets.”

What do you think of this advice? Are your phone and Facebook habits getting in the way of your sleep?


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