Calling All College Inventors!

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Here’s a great way to earn money for your awesome idea: In July, executives at Best Buy launched the College Innovator Fund, “a national search to find, mentor and advance the next big ideas in the areas of technology, sustainability, education or a related field,” according to the official release.

Here’s how you can win: Between now and August 14, go to Best Buy’s Facebook page and upload a 2-minute video describing your idea. It doesn’t matter if your idea is all done and ready to package — or if it’s still just a simple sketch in your scrapbook. Right now, college students have already submitted ideas for a glove that acts like a wireless keyboard and a “machine that offers the ultimate athletic shoe customization.” There is a $50,000 award for the grand prize winner, and another $50,000 to be distributed among three additional finalists.

“At Best Buy we understand the impact that technology and entrepreneurialism can have on our society,” said Stephen Gillett, President, Best Buy Digital, Global Marketing & Strategy, in the official release. “Students are often at the helm of this forward thinking so what better time to provide a national platform to help them introduce and support these ideas than during the back to campus season. Through Best Buy’s College Innovator Fund we are uncovering the next generation of innovators that will advance and improve the way we connect with the world around us.”

Watch Foursquare co-founder’s Dennis Crowley’s Call for Entries. Then tell us: What’s your big idea? 

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