Book Review: Trafficked

Book Review: Trafficked
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trafficked the bookHuman trafficking. It’s a serious problem around the world. So serious that an estimated 1.2 million children are trafficked each year.

Human trafficking is defined by the Polaris Project as “a form of modern-day slavery where people profit from the control and exploitation of others.” It also happens to be the subject of YA novelist Kim Purcell’s debut novel, Trafficked.

Trafficked tells the story of Hannah, a teen orphaned in Moldova and sold into slavery to be a nanny and housekeeper for a family in Los Angeles. Hannah thinks she’s coming to America to earn $400 a week, learn English, and be able to send money home to help her ailing Babushka (grandmother).

Her reality — 16 hour work days, sleeping in a cold garage, forbidden to leave the house, and no pay — leaves her feeling trapped, scared, and vulnerable. And things get worse from there.

Trafficked is a hard book to read. Not because of the writing or the story… those are both fantastic. Hannah’s character is believable and you can’t help but keep the pages turning to find out how this story will end for her.

The hard part is because Hannah’s story is all too real. Author Kim Purcell based her characters on true stories of the thousands and thousands of girls that are trafficked and brought over to the U.S., many of them ultimately facing the horrific reality of being forced into prostitution, or worse.

As Kim writes in the back of her book, “My greatest hope is that we can end slavery in all its forms, including sex slavery and domestic slavery, in this country and all around the world. Children and teens should never have to endure this kind of abuse.” Kim is so passionate about this serious issue that she’s donating 20% of her book income for Trafficked to organizations that help trafficking victims.

{Note: Trafficked contains some mature content…Like a Boss recommends it for older teens.}

We’re honored to have Trafficked author Kim Purcell as a guest blogger this month! Read her post here!

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