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This month’s media buzz review is closely tied to the cause we’re featuring this month on Like a Boss – teen dating violence. Tornado Warning: A Memoir of Teen Dating Violence and Its Effect on a Woman’s Life is the true story of Elin Stebbin Waldal’s harrowing experience of being in an emotionally abusive and physically violent relationship as a teen and early 20-something.

As the back cover describes: “At 17, she [Elin] unwittingly fell in love with an abusive man. Tornado Warning is the true, honest portrait of how he whittled her down – with words, hands, and weapons – from a confident teen to the shadow of a woman.”

Though Elin writes this book as a woman who has reflected and healed from her experiences, her present-day thoughts and observations give context to the story that unfolds through her actual journal entries she wrote as a teen. Through these introspective and honest writings, we as readers can understand how it’s possible to get sucked into an unhealthy relationship and what kind of complications make it so challenging to break free.

The book features a foreword by self-esteem expert Jess Weiner, who writes, “Elin does a beautiful job making her story your own. This book is as much a cautionary tale as it is a brilliant celebration of Elin’s ability to now get out there and inspire young people to help find and hold onto their authentic selves.” We couldn’t agree more!

You can find out more about Tornado Warning and read an excerpt on Elin’s website. And watch for a guest post from Elin on Like a Boss next week!

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