Book Review: Hot, Rich & Green

make money and help the planet
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Who knew that saving the planet could result in not just benefitting Mother Earth but also boosting your bank account? That’s exactly what Rebecca Harrell Tickell, environmental activist and author, says in her book, Hot, Rich & Green! The Secret Formula Women Are Using to Get Rich and Save the Planet.

Rebecca is the award-winning producer of the eco-documentary FUEL, which is all about America’s dependence on foreign oil.

In her book, Rebecca offers women 10 steps to turn their passion into a sustainable business that will not only benefit the environment, but also help them become financially independent.

We love the theme and message of this book – it’s all about empowering women to create for good – and that Rebecca aligns with our beliefs about what it takes to be successful. Her chapters tell the story through the themes of getting a mentor or coach, thinking outside the box, not trying to do it all alone, and viewing your failures as lessons that lead to success (we couldn’t agree with this one more!).

But what we love most about this book is that Rebecca fills it with short profiles of truly inspiring and amazing women who are are blending their personal and professional success with a strong sense of responsibility to the planet. These social entrepreneurs share their personal stories and spill their secrets and advice for the rest of us to learn from.

If you’re a green girl looking to turn your environmental passion into a career, you’ve got to have this book!

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